9 Dishwasher Placement Solutions for New Kitchen

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Anne Ellard of Houzz has added more good information for us people that just want to improve our kitchen. Yes, I know this is so as we just added new cabinets and recessed lights to our kitchen. Read on.

Although every kitchen layout is different, there are reliable guidelines to help you plan where to place everything. And when it comes to appliances, the placement of the dishwasher is key. Ideally, it should be located somewhere that makes loading and unloading quick and easy. But it also pays to ensure that your dishwasher door doesn't block any work areas or walkways when it's open.


Place it next to the sink. As a kitchen designer, I usually recommend that a dishwasher be positioned next to the sink. There are two reasons for this: The first is that it will make plumbing much easier and less costly, and the second is behavioral. People generally use a "scrape, rinse, load" method to load their dishwasher. This involves scraping leftovers from dishes into the trash (located to one side of, or under, your sink), then giving dishes a quick rinse before loading them into the dishwasher. Consequently, the best placement is on the opposite side of the sink from the scraping area.

There are many dishwashers on the market that don't require dishes to be rinsed before they're loaded.

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