8 Seductive Shades for Your Living Room

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Amanda Pollard from Houzz provides us with information on best ways to get the living room look that you like.

The shade you choose to paint your living room walls really comes down to the atmosphere you're hoping to create. Whether you want a bright, cheerful space, a tranquil haven or a moody and intimate chill-out zone, these gorgeous rooms offer some inspiration.

Embrace gray. Gray is such a popular shade, and this room illustrates why we continue to love it - it's chic and relaxing at the same time. Gray also looks great with most other hues, so it's a versatile choice for a living room. Here, the soft gray walls help the jewel tones of the pink and yellow pillows stand out, and they also emphasize the crisp white of the wooden shutters and window frames.

Be bold. If you love brights and their energizing qualities, there are ways to embrace them without overwhelming a space. Here, for instance, the bright coral is tempered by the neighboring pale pink wall and the wall of white storage. The designers also made the look work by opting for mainly black and white accessories, then adding just a few complementary zingy colors via the artwork and pillows.

Add a wall of sunshine. Another way to nail the bold look is the tried-and-true fireplace-wall tactic. In this room, sunshine yellow brings the feel-good factor. Although the yellow makes a huge impact, the adjacent white walls keep things light and airy.

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