7 Top Design Tips for a Small Backyard

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Jaymi Naciri has once again provided some good tips to help us make our small backyard special and still meet all of our needs. Read on.

Long to be a land baron, with acres of lush grounds to create the ultimate outdoor paradise? That may be a dream for another time. For now, a smaller space is your reality, but that doesn't mean it can't be amazing. These 7 tricks will help your small yard live large.

Don't be scared of trees

While a towering live oak may not be the right choice for your smaller yard, you don't have to give up on trees altogether just because you don't have acreage. Japanese maple and ornamental crabapple are just a few great options that will bring some color to your outdoor space. Our favorite: the crape myrtle, which maintains a manageable size and, "It's hard to beat the showy summer flowers, beautiful bark, and brilliant fall color," said Sunset.

Consider the scale

That patio set at Costco might be great deal, but how are that huge glass-topped table and eight rocker chairs going to look on your mini deck? There are plenty of options for small-space patio sets, and if you're looking to create an outdoor living room, building in the seating in this yard creates a welcoming seating area and keeps the rest of the space open.

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